TDX Token: The Tide Keeps Rising for TIDEX

With its enormous ambitions and advised by one of the most respected names in the crypto world, Alexander Ivanov, the TIDEX exchange has been steadily working towards achieving its goal of becoming the world’s number one crypto exchange since its founding back in 2017. And it continues to climb its way to the top of the top 100 under Alexander’s expert guidance.

Amongst many other projects, Alexander Ivanov is probably best known for founding the “Waves Platform,” a company providing a stack of open-source, decentralized technologies, which achieved a market cap of three billion US dollars. Thus, TIDEX is fortunate to have such an experienced and influential person like Alexander to steer the company toward its goals.

The exchange has earned a solid reputation over the years. One reason is that the company has never stopped innovating and is always thinking about what’s next? For example, TIDEX has already launched a play-to-earn AR app, a key ingredient to having a fully-fledged metaverse.

Here we have a traditional crypto exchange that has gone on to become an entire crypto ecosystem in its own right. TIDEX is a brand with a heritage that also looks to the future.

More than a token gesture    

TIDEX recently threw the entire crypto-space a curveball with news that few industry watchers expected. Incredibly, one of the oldest and most successful exchanges around revealed that after all these years, it was about to launch its very own TIDEX token (TDX). Also, on top of its main goal, the company intends to become the world’s number one launchpad, increasing its ambitions even further.

This attention-grabbing and unexpected announcement was music to investors’ ears and is still generating excitement within industry circles more than a month afterward. After all, it isn’t every day that the general public is allowed to become involved with such a well-known and prestigious project – especially not one that involves Alexander Ivanov. And needless to say, seasoned investors also take notice of projects with Alexander’s name attached.

Building anticipation

TIDEX has been quick to capitalize on all the publicity and has kept the marketing wagon rolling by conducting a massive 20-million TDX token Airdrop shortly after its announcement. The Airdrop ended earlier than planned due to extremely high demand, and resulted in more than 200,000 new users to the platform, all keen for a piece of the action.

Next, the platform used its own CEX launchpad to offer investors a 5% discount on 21-million tokens for a limited period. Amazingly, this sold out within 2-minutes, again demonstrating that demand for the token outstrips availability, which will only help increase the scarcity and value of the token.

And, how cool is this? Investors who were lucky enough to buy these discounted tokens were instantly given access to the exchange’s full range of services, including its launchpad, NFT marketplace and Tidex’s own bank.

It’s not too late to profit

For those of you thinking that you’ve already missed the boat with this one and what’s the point of reading further, keep reading because you haven’t.

TIDEX has an IDO (Initial Dex Offering) planned for June 15th, 2022, and has teamed up with the record-breaking incubator and launch experts Bluezilla to handle it for them. Trading in the TDX token is set to start later on the same day; therefore, for those of you interested in making some serious profit, the opportunity is still available to you if you’re fast.

There will be $10 500 000 worth of TDX tokens available to purchase on any of the following platforms: BSCPad, ETHPad, VelasPad, PolyPad, and ADAPad.

This will likely be the last opportunity to purchase TDX at this incredibly low price. With a fixed starting price of only $0.10 per token, it’s expected to sell out fast, and its price is anticipated to increase by thousands of percent within minutes of TDX trading starting. Thus, be there early, and be prepared to buy.

Interested? Then add June 15th to your diary and don’t miss out. TDX tokens can be bought on any of the following four exchanges: TIDEX, Pancakeswap, Uniswap and Wagyuswap.