DAESUNG (SMART HIVE) Introduces Its Most Advanced Automatic Beekeeping System to the Market

Jeonju, Korea / DECEMBER 1, 2020 / Recently, DAESUNG (SMART HIVE) Introduces Its Most Advanced Automatic Beekeeping System, HIVE CONTROLLER, to the Market.


Beekeeping is a true labor of work and due to difficult tasks, only experts will continue with beekeeping. Approximately 80% of beekeeping is manually done. To get the actual honey extraction, a beekeeper must go through a complex and time-consuming process.

The HIVE CONTROLLER is automated and portable farm equipment for taking out the honeycomb from the beehive, brushing, and stacking. Even beginners in beekeeping can use withdrawing, brushing, stacking, and storing the honeycombs at the same time easily by single button press.

Recently, there has lot of farm equipment been in the market and easy to find various devices every kinds of agriculture, but not enough in beekeeping. Most of beekeeping equipment is not automated or semi-automated then still need labor to work and high labor intensity.

The extracting honeycomb is first process of gathering the honey. It is the hardest work of gathering the honey. Each honeycomb weighs over 3kg when it is full of honey and labor lift each honeycomb by their hands. Lifted honeycomb need to brush the bees manually.

DAESUNG (SMART HIVE) tries to change all of system of beekeeping into automated. It is start from the extracting honeycomb that is the hardest work in beekeeping by the HIVE CONTROLLER.

DAESUNG (SMART HIVE) plans to develop and provide the unmanned automated beekeeping system. The high labor intensity, hard work, and skill less wouldn’t bother to doing beekeeping.

DAESUNG (SMART HIVE) believed that beekeepers need convenient technology that is not limited by space and technology. The HIVE CONTROLLER has a simplified honey harvesting process. With just a press the button, the HIVE CONTROLLER pulls up the honeycomb from the hive and even brush off the bees. With the use of the HIVE CONTROLLER, it has significantly reduced the beekeeper’s labor by 70%. Therefore, anyone may now easily experience and cherish beekeeping.

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