ChainUP White-Label Exchange Software Opens Up a New Future for Exchanges

Recently, the middling digital currency market has given the hot market a brief moment to recuperate. However, digital asset exchanges have never slowed down in the undercurrents of white-label exchange software  competition.

To be a white-label exchange software that can grow in the long run, technical support, risk control security, personalized innovation, and user base are all crucial. ChainUP was established more than three years ago and has become the preferred blockchain technology service provider for most exchanges around the world, thanks to its superb technical strength, liquidity pool of high quality, strong security risk control guarantee, and personalized customized services. At present, ChainUP has served more than 400 exchanges worldwide, covering five continents and more than 30 countries and regions, and reaching more than 60 million global users in total. Among the top 100 exchanges in the CMC ranking, the platforms using ChainUP technology services reach 30%.

In terms of underlying technology, ChainUP white-label exchange software is a cloud-native & distributed aggregation system developed by more than 150 technicians for more than 3 years with 3 iterations. It has the advantages of cloud-native elastic scaling, independent deployment of user data + sensitive data encryption, flexible configuration of API flow limit (supporting 1000 times per second), system-wide distributed without single point cross-region disaster recovery, etc. It adapts to sudden traffic, service grid microservice governance, and second-level disaster recovery. It is the first element to show the strength of the exchange.

In terms of deployment methods, ChainUP digital asset white-label exchange software is available in both SaaS deployment and private deployment. Exchanges can choose the deployment method according to their own needs, and later on they can also migrate senselessly according to the actual situation. Hence, giving enough options for the exchanges.

Among them, the SaaS white-label exchange software has deployment advantages, such as short deployment time, high security, fast to go-live, good liquidity, low cost, and simple operation. By using the ChainUP white-label exchange software , users can build an exchange very quickly. It takes only 3-5 days from the start of deployment to go-live. The privatization system supports independent development and independent control of assets; provides customization services, model/UI/APP personalized development and design; supports credit card functions, compliance business, etc., and has launched a Singapore compliance version of the exchange solution. It is a necessary software for the exchange to be globalized, localized and compliant.

In terms of exchange functions, ChainUP digital asset white-label exchange software has a variety of trading types, such as coin-coin trading, legal tender trading, contract trading, leveraged trading, ETF trading, etc. and it is online with 3000+ trading pairs. In addition, there are many innovative features, such as innovation experiment area, open platform, contract followers, credit card deposit; operational tools to help traffic acquisition and cashing in such as invitation rebate, broker, bonus package, finance/loaning, grid trading and popular zones Heco, Defi, Polkadot and etc.

Blockchain has entered the fast lane of rapid development, and exchanges have always been the key to traffic. If users want to open up the exchange market quickly, ChainUP will surely be a powerful help for them!