Time to Act: Promoting Women and Youth Leadership for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth

by Erick Thohir and Sharon Florencia JAKARTA, Oct 13, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – COVID-19 has had a significant impact on people’s lives, how businesses and economies operate, and the global sustainability agenda. Nevertheless, the current conditions will provide an unprecedented opportunity to build a better world by implementing more sustainable policies and actions. In addressing these, the G20 […]

Hangcheng GBA Youth Entrepreneurship (Employment) Camp: Helping Returning Students Starting Jobs or Own Businesses

SHENZHEN, CHINA, Oct 31, 2020 – (ACN Newswire) – The Greater Bay Area / GBA Youth Entrepreneurship (Employment) Camp, open for only three months, proudly announces success in helping overseas students find jobs and start their own businesses. More than 50 job seekers and entrepreneurs have joined the Camp for consultation and classes, while 16 […]

“Youth With You 2” Mentor Cooperation Stage Will Open, IQIYI Concentrates on Creating High-quality Content

BEIJING, CHINA / Last week, iQIYI original hit variety show “Youth With You 2” released its third ranking, and 20 trainees got tickets to the finals. Among them, Xin Liu reached the pick with the highest popularity, Esther Yu, Yan Yu, KIKI Xu, Snow Kong, Xiaotang Zhao, Aria Jin, Babymonster An, and Shaking ranked 2-9 respectively. […]

Second round public performance of iQIYI”Youth With You 2″ arose audience burst,the new list reshuffles

Recently,second round public performance of iQIYI”Youth With You 2″ has aired and released new ranking. The 1st to 9th are totally different from the latest ranking. Yuxin Liu is top on the list. Sui Qi beats out the others for second place with Yixuan Duan and Xiaowei Duan successfully achieve counterattack in third and fourth position. The […]