Super Height Kei Wagons eK X space and eK space Win “K Car of the Year” at the 2020-2021 Car of the Year Japan

TOKYO, Dec 7, 2020 – (JCN Newswire) – MITSUBISHI MOTORS CORPORATION (MMC) today announced that the super height kei wagons eK X space (pronounced eK “cross” space) and eK space won the K Car of the Year(1), a new category of the 2020-2021 Car of the Year Japan(2) awarded to overall excellent kei car.

The eK X space and eK space were recognized for the highly stable, easy-to-drive road performance, while also offering the practicality of a super height wagon. The quality of the interior and seat comfort were highly evaluated, and the MI-PILOT advanced driver assistance system with the same performance level as larger, non-kei vehicles was also well received by the judges.

Last year, MITSUBISHI MOTORS won the Car of the Year in the Small Mobility category(3) with the eK X and eK Wagon. This marks the second consecutive year that the eK series has won the award in the kei/small category.

The eK X space with SUV flavor and the stylish, approachable eK space offer spacious, comfortable and user-friendly cabin space with class-topping slide space at the rear seats(4) and hands-free automatic sliding doors that can be opened and shut with an easy kicking motion.

They also come equipped with MI-PILOT single-lane driver assistance technology for highways which reduces the burden on the driver, and active safety technologies which make everyone in the car feel safer and more secure. Developed to embody Mitsubishi-ness, these super height kei wagons are garnering positive reviews.

The eK series will soon celebrate its 20th anniversary since the initial launch. Starting with the first generation eK Wagon that debuted in 2001, MITSUBISHI MOTORS has pursued quality kei cars that meet the needs of times and win enduring affection of many customers. The eK series has sold a total of over 1.1 million units as of the end of November 2020.

(1) Also awarded to the Nissan Roox
(2) Held by the Car of the Year Japan Executive Committee
(3) Also awarded to the Nissan Dayz
(4) Models in the super height kei wagon class (overall height above 1,700 mm) with engines placed in the hood were compared by in-house research in February 2020.

About the Car of the Year (COTY) Japan 2020-2021

The awards of the 41st Car of the Year Japan were given to models launched in the Japanese market from November 1, 2019 to October 31, 2020. This year, the Ten Best Cars were selected on November 4, and after the Ten Best Test Drive on November 25, COTY members voted for each award, and the results were announced on December 7. In addition to the 2020-2021 Car of the Year, winners were also selected for Import Car of the Year, Design Car of the Year (car with outstanding interior and exterior design), Technology Car of the Year (car with innovative technologies for eco-friendliness, safety, etc.), Performance Car of the Year (car with emotionally inspiring driving feel), and K Car of the Year (overall excellent kei car).

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