Five-minute Covid test will reveal if vaccine still works

Epalinges, Switzerland, Dec 18, 2020 – (ACN Newswire) – Swiss high-tech company ZENUM has developed one of the most advanced technologies in the fight against Covid-19, and it could be ready for distribution as early as next month. The world’s first five-minute portable Coronavirus test will also detect how much immunity remains after taking a vaccine.

NANOFLUIDIC RAPID TEST KIT – Identify from a drop of blood whether a person’s Covid-19 vaccine is still valid – in 5 Minutes!

The game-changing ZEKNANO rapid test kit uses a tiny finger-prick blood sample, instead of swabs. It can be taken anywhere, has close to 100% accuracy, and also measures severity of infection. Thanks to nanotechnology, ZEKNANO not only detects Covid-19 within five minutes, but it identifies up to 14 different conditions simultaneously, including flu virus and infectious diseases.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the heart of the revolutionary product. A neural network – a series of algorithms designed to function like a human brain – has been added to increase the test’s efficiency, and study any mutation of the virus.

As the device is portable and lightweight, the tests do not have to be administered only in medical settings. This makes it a leading contender to tackle coronavirus and other diseases in the developing world. It also has the potential to help control the pandemic across all countries before another possible surge in the coming months.

ZENUM already produces 15-minute coronavirus rapid test kits for antibodies and antigens, under the brand ZEKMED. The performance evaluation of these kits were conducted by CIRION Biopharma, one of the few CLIA laboratories in Canada. The results are in accordance with three independent evaluations conducted in Russia, Switzerland and France.

The new ZEKNANO five-minute test is expected to be certified for use in January, putting it ahead of several ongoing projects to achieve such rapid results.

Emidio Do Sacramento, founder and CEO of ZENUM, said: “It doesn’t matter if it’s a 5 or 15 minute rapid test. Our focus is to help practitioners and health institutions, the best we can, to save lives.

“The reality is that the world is in need of products that solve a problem, and not a marketing sales campaign promoting companies or universities, whether that product is from our company or any other.

“Enough is enough. Mass testing, fast and accurate patient triage is the only reliable solution before any vaccine reaches enough people. We need our lives and economy back to ‘normal’.”

ZENUM’s origins are rooted in a collaborative network of innovators who strive in the development of applications/mediums/security using biometrics, Ai and blockchain technologies and the infinite influences these technologies will have on life.

As a result of our developments in these fields with our project collaborators and likeminded partners, we found ourselves already engaged and working in the field of medical pre-diagnosis using biometric data for example the research into the pre-diagnosis of glaucoma.

ZENUM is located in new facilities at BIOPOLE, the Life Sciences Campus – one of the largest healthcare research campuses in Europe, and has important medical partnerships in Switzerland, Germany and China. Full technical details can be found at

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